Thursday, December 1, 2011

Target Holiday 2011

{} While working at KNOCK inc, I was the Design Director on the 2011 Target Holiday instore marketing campaign.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wedding Inspiration book

Gartner Studios Inc produced an inspiration book to be set in the wedding aisle of Michael's stores. The book was broken by five style preferences: modern, natural, romantic, classic and playful. Each section had several ideas and photos to help the consumers select product.

I created the product for the shots shown. I was also the lead stylist for the entire shoot. Vickey Weiss was the photographer.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monday, December 8, 2008

starbucks slider cards

All of these giftcard holders have a "sliding" component that allows a graphic to slide across the front panel of the holder as a tab is pulled. The one above has a squirrel that jumps toward the coffee.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pulp Fashion Hat window display

When I was working at Gartner Studios in Stillwater, Minnesota I assisted in window displays for their stationery/paper store called Pulp Fashion. One of the windows we designed hats for a silent auction with proceeds benefiting the Susan G Komen foundation. Here are some of the hats that I created for the window display and auction.

for more information on pulp fashion, visit their blog.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Victoria's Secret Angels wireless launch

While working at Victoria's Secret I was able to re-invent the angel wings for a bra launch. Typically the supermodels wear the detailed feather wings. I suggested we try some illustrated wings for a fresh take on the angels sub-brand. First it was tested in January in several markets. Then it launched in May for the annual Mother's day campaign. They even incorporated the wings for a tv spot.

The illustrated wings also became Victoria's Secret's first lenticular giftcard.

For top tier stores, like NYC, Las Vegas and L.A. employees received specials shirts to wear during the bra launch so they could be "angels" as well. Don't worry we made a version for the male employees as well (yes they have guys that work in the NYC store. . . lucky guys, ehh?)

Oh and here is the really fun part. In the top three stores, we placed a free photobooth so that customers could snap photos in front of a "angels" background. They could become instant angels! The vendor of the photobooth informed us afterward that it was the highest volume per day ever on the photobooth machines.

And here is the background that was inside the booth.

I have to say that Miranda Kerr was a very nice supermodel. After we wrapped on the photoshoot we went shopping with her sweet dog, Frankie. She balked at the high prices in one department store and we ended up in the clearance room at the Rockefeller Anthropologie. The best part was watching people react to Miranda's stunning beauty.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Thomas O'brien

I was the primary graphic designer for Thomas O'brien brand development. Product line launched in fall of 2005. I worked closely with marketing planning, Thomas O'brien, his team and my creative manager; I created the brand standard guidelines, color standards, woven labels, printing process (for instance the TOB is a spot varnish on the packaging), determined in-store signing and established the tone for photo art direction.

I have to honestly admit that it was a pleasure to work with Thomas and his team. They were great partners during the whole process. And I love his product line, so refined and a consistently gorgeous color palette.

for more about Thomas click here and visit his website

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Club Wedd

I partnered with another in-house designer at Target to complete this 112 page catalog from initial sketches to final printed piece. The amount of detail work that went into this project was mind numbing. I think we had about five photographers and seven stylists working at once while fielding questions and approvals from the buyers, creative department and vendors. After it was printed I had a new found respect for every catalog that lands in my home mail box.

Friday, January 7, 2005

Global Bazzar

This is Target's first Global Bazaar from 2005. Global Bazaar was a six week program within Target stores. Products were sourced directly from five regions: Asia, Europe, India, Latin America and Africa. The five regions represented product developed with the aesthetics of : China, Japan, Sweden, Tuscany, Africa, Latin America, India and British Columbia. The packaging system voiced the design sensibilities of each region through color and pattern. In-store signing was peppered with iconic photographic images of each region. The overhead banners were printed on fabric to lend a feeling of a true bazaar.

The direct mail piece showcased products from the various regions of Global Bazaar. When it was folded up it looked like a shipping crate with arrival stamps. This also tied into the tv spot.

I was the lead designer on this project working on the packaging, in-store experience, direct mail piece, photoshoots and even color proofing. When it finally hit the stores it was amazing to see. Prior to this floorset, Target stores typically had lawn/patio set in January. This was a big change for Target. They carried it forward another three years. In 2008, the global approach faded and it became more about home decor.

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

target giftcards

While I worked at Target I would often volunteer to work on the giftcards. It was a nice break from managing large brands like Global Bazaar or Thomas O'Brien. The snowman giftcard above was actually a shake-able snowglobe giftcard with tiny bits of snow that would move around (no water). The dinosaur giftcard was originally designed to have googly eyes but it was deemed a choking hazard so instead we went with glow-in-the-dark green spots.
This giftcard broke into two pieces. The parent would keep the top section and attach it to a key chain while the offspring would run off with bottom section to spend the cash loaded on the card. The card could be reloaded at any time.
Here is an illustration of how a lenticular holiday giftcard worked. The puppy would pop out of different stockings depending on how you moved the card. Lenticular cards can get very tricky and work best when the background is a pattern or color. (live and learn).

Saturday, May 1, 2004

R+R teen brand at Target

R+R teen logo development and initial "re-usable" packaging concept was developed by Chase Design Group. The project then came in-house at Target. I defined packaging standards/materials/price points, developed in-store signing, photo art direction and promotional materials.

Packaging elements include a comforter bag with wire insets that keep it upright so the bag can be re-sued. In addition, the sheet bag had handles cut into the poly-material so it could be used as a tote later. Key chains and lanyards were used as packaging elements to give the brand longevity.

Below is the direct mail piece that went out to the tween guest audience. The back panel had a questionnaire to help determine your style preference: island, gypsy, preppy or modern.

In-store signing had similar images and models to the direct mail piece to create continuity in the brand experience. The overall backer paper was purple tones to tie to the logo colors. The individual style preferences were color coded for clarity within the run.

Thursday, May 15, 2003


I love photo shoots because it gives an opportunity for many brilliant minds to make one beautiful thing. The blending of talents: the photographer, the assistants, stylists, art directors and even the buyers. And in the very end the subtle beauty in the shot might barely register on the subconscious mind of a busy mom swooping through the aisles of home decor while attempting to wrangle her toddler into peaceful submission. If that mom only knew how much thought went into that one shot, she would be shocked.

The photography above was shot by Regina Murphy in Minneapolis and styled by Jill Englehart.

Friday, February 1, 2002

HOW magazine : 14 young designers to watch

In 2002, I was featured in How Magazine as one of the 14 young designers to watch.